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One of the AGA, New York Capital Chapter’s (Chapter) goals is to “Promote and retain Certified Government Financial Managers (CGFM).” In furtherance of this goal the Chapter has purchased several study guides to help members prepare for the Certified Government Financial Manager (CGFM) examinations. The Vice President for Certification (VP) will loan these study guides to members desiring to take the examinations, pursuant to and in conformance with this policy.

Study Guide Loan Policy
CGFM Study Guides may be loaned only in conformance with the following requirements:

 Loans will be made only to current AGA members.
 Loans will be made only to requestors that have an active eligibility letter from the AGA Office of Professional Certification (see the links to the AGA National Website at the end of this Policy).
 A borrower may only have one study guide checked out at any time.
 All study guides will be loaned on a first come, first served basis, providing all of the above requirements are met.
 Each study guide may be borrowed for a period of no more than two months.
 A borrower may request a renewal of their current study guide loan for an additional one-month period. Renewal requests may be granted at the discretion of the VP for Certification.
 All borrowed study guides must be returned in the same condition they were loaned. If there is damage to a study guide, the borrower is responsible for payment for the damages, as determined by the VP for Certification. Damage is defined as significant changes such as torn or missing pages, liquid or other exposure that renders pages or sections of the book unreadable, broken or missing binders, etc. Damage does not include normal wear and tear from regular use.
 Each loan will be supported by a signed agreement that incorporates all necessary requirements and notifications.
 If a study guide is not returned by the designated date, the VP for Certification will notify the borrower that the study guide is overdue and they need to return it within a specified period of time (less than a month). Within the notification, the borrower will also be made aware that they will be charged for the cost of a new study guide if they do not return the borrowed version within the specified period of time.
 If the borrower does not return the study guide within the acceptable period of time, the VP for Certification, after consultation with the President will charge the borrower for the cost of the study guide.
 The VP for Certification may, within the available Certification budget, purchase replacement study guides, as necessary.
 The President and/or VP for Certification may add additional requirements that are necessary to manage this program.

To request to borrow our CGFM review books click here.

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